The story of who I am and how I came to write this blog is one not unlike countless other Americans. As a young man I found myself very interested in politics and in general my belief system has always tended to be somewhat liberal in nature. I decided I wanted to go into a field were I could help people, a field were everyday I could feel like I was contributing, I became a RN and have been now for the past 21 years. Looking back at things, it seems like a blur, I cant identify any specific time were I lost interest in politics, activism, and the general world around me, it just gradually faded as my life became consumed with things like marriage, work, kids and bills. Don’t get me wrong, I followed the elections and other big stories but that desire to be an active part of change for the better in terms of politics in particular faded out like a dying candle. I am pretty sure I am not alone in this experience, I am certainly not proud of it but at the same time I do believe it gives you a perspective of life that is slightly different from the experience of the lifelong politician or activist. Over the past few years in particular I like many other Americans have started to question the general direction of this nation and the impact that it was having on the average working person like me. I began to dig into subjects and found myself horrified at some of what I was finding. As I read and began to educate myself on the issues that I find most troubling, I was left wondering how I could have not seen the radical shift that was happening in front of my own two eyes. It’s important to me that to address and discuss why that disconnect occurs. I felt it and so have many other Americans. Why do we become so complacent and uninformed were it comes to politics, government and their impact on our daily lives? The simple answer: we are conditioned to feel powerless and unable to effect change.

In a nutshell this blog is a journey. I am not writing it to gather some following, its quite possible a scarce few will ever read it and those few may not even like it. What I really hope to accomplish with this blog is to express myself, stay connected and hopefully have some honest discussions about tough issues. I see a rather bleak world that we are leaving our Grandchildren and beyond, a world of debt, corporate domination and financial disparity. I want them to know that not everyone in this generation was all about the almighty ME, I want them to know that while certainly far from perfect, I tried to have some beneficial impact on lessening the mess we are leaving them.


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