Corporate profits more important than your right to choose

If your Senator voted against labeling foods that contain GMO’s then your Senator in essence believes you do not have the right to choose what you eat. There is more than enough controversy about the health implications of these foods to warrant allowing people to have the option to decide if they want to eat these foods or feed them to their children and loved ones. If your Senator voted Nay then they have demonstrated that value protecting the profits of companies such as Monsanto and Dupont over your right to choose what you eat. Senators who put the welfare of corporate profits over the welfare of the people, deserve to be bounced. Even if you believe these foods are safe (which they are not) you still have the right to decide if its something you want to ingest. Food choice is a right not an option.

Senators who value Monsanto profits over your health


About Steve Ashley

Registered Nurse, father and avid blogger. I believe strongly in a society that values all human life. I believe in an America that works to provide a better life and better opportunities for all its citizens, not just the ones with power and wealth.
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