10 Reasons Why Monsanto should change their name to Evil Inc

10. Putting small farmers out of business both nationally and worldwide.

9. Monsanto uses their money and political clout to censor the media. The Big Media Chill…. Do a search on any mainstream media site and see what kind of hard hitting articles you can find. Not one. That tells you something.

8. In India they refer to the rash of suicides (1 every 30 minutes) as the GM Genocide.

7. Agent Orange and Dioxin. Exactly the company you want to control world food supply.

6. Patenting Seed. Life should not be patented. Period the end.

5. rGBH (Posilac) If GMO crops turn out to be as unhealthy as milk with rGBH is, we are in deep deep trouble. Despite the fact Canada, Europe and 27 other countries banned rGBH and the vast majority of studies find numerous risks, Monsanto somehow got it approved in the US. But no….Monsanto does not have undue government influence.

4. If the science does not support safety then just try to bribe someone instead business philosophy

3. No GMO Labeling Laws in the USA! Monsanto threatened to sue the state of Vermont. Monsanto treats consumers as if they are idiots who should not have the right to know what they eat because we would be “confused”? Is that really the best you can come up with? Just come out and say what we all know… your afraid we might CHOOSE to not eat your mutant products and thus diminish your profits

2. Just what the world needs….Superweeds. Did we learn nothing watching the evolution of antibiotic resistant bacteria? Now we are gonna expose our food supply? There are reasons that you have to be careful when messing with nature, nature has a tendency to bite back.

1. Food is a basic human need. Manipulating that supply and is about as evil as you can get. Its bad enough we have turned healthcare into a profit making exercise. Now we are going to turn over control of the world food supply to a corporations whose sole mandate is to maximize profits. Brilliant thinking.


About Steve Ashley

Registered Nurse, father and avid blogger. I believe strongly in a society that values all human life. I believe in an America that works to provide a better life and better opportunities for all its citizens, not just the ones with power and wealth.
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One Response to 10 Reasons Why Monsanto should change their name to Evil Inc

  1. Rose says:

    Number 8 is particularly interesting. Because of the way I follow environmental and social issues in India, I end up getting most of my news from Indian publications. For awhile it seemed that reporters were OK to talk about Monsanto’s involvement, and the fact that the American corporation lied to farmers about the returns they’d be getting on their investment in expensive Bt cotton. Now, there seems to have been some kind of spin, so that now the focus is on the Indian government’s seeming inability to solve a crisis caused by an overwhelming confluence of factors. I guess we’re just so supposed to shrug and accept that “it’s complicated”. Articles almost never mention genetic modification or Monsanto any more. The mainstream media in the US is definitely not talking about it.

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