Lawmaker: USOC ‘should be ashamed’ Team USA uniforms made in China –

So now Congress is outraged that a job was shipped off to China? Seriously, this is a joke right? How can these so called leaders not realize that the average American has been pissed long before the USOC created this latest quagmire? To listen to these “lawmakers” talk, you would think that the exodus of jobs to places like China and India was not a direct result of their willingness to sell their own grandmother for a steak dinner and campaign contribution. No Congress, YOU should be ashamed. Its your laws, your lack of oversight and your unwillingness to put the average worker first that has lead to the environment in which USOC would even have to worry about were their uniforms come from. 90% of you (or greater) reading this right now are wearing clothes made in China. Were is the outrage about that? Which of our illustrious so called representatives is going to do something actually meaningful about that? *Crickets*

S Olympic uniforms are made in China?

via Lawmaker: USOC 'should be ashamed' Team USA uniforms made in China –


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Registered Nurse, father and avid blogger. I believe strongly in a society that values all human life. I believe in an America that works to provide a better life and better opportunities for all its citizens, not just the ones with power and wealth.
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