Enough Is Enough

As a father, I look at the America we are leaving our children and it scares the hell out of me. Our society espouses how much our children mean to us but looking objectively at things it becomes clear we have sold them out, we have chosen to bury our heads in the sand and pretend like everything is going to be just honky dory. Let me say it one more time just to be clear….we have sold our children, grandchildren and likely generations beyond that out. It seems we have forgotten that above all else we have a responsibility to our children to provide them with a country and world that is better than the one we inherited. The most important task for a society and parent is to leave behind a better country and world for children to raise their children in. It would seem we are content to leave this most basic task in the hands of people who have consistently and clearly shown they only care about money, power and greed. We accept excuse after excuse for our political party’s failures and show little concern with passing on the bill for our outrageous spending. No generation is perfect, the “greatest” generation, the ones who stormed the beaches at Normandy beating back Fascism and Imperialism, is also the same generation that embraced Jim Crow while turning a blind eye towards spousal and child abuse among other things. These things are somewhat trial and error. No generation is going to get it all right, there is always work left to be done when the baton is passed from one generation to the next. That being said the burdens we are passing on to our children and grandchildren is beyond ridiculous.


This is not some conspiracy with black helicopters and shadowy figures who cannot be named, nor is it a Democrat vs. Republican thing, it is a coup d’état being perpetrated by the wealthiest of the wealthy. It is happening on a daily basis in plain view of the American public. Most Americans ignore the cesspool until election time and then simply vote for “lesser of the two evils” and pretend like everything is going to be ok. After all we are America and in the end America always wins, always manage to pull through. We seem to have forgotten that it was not merely the words and leadership of great men such as Jefferson, Washington, Lincoln, FDR, MLK that progress was built upon. It was the members of the society they belonged to whose willingness to act upon those words and willingness to sacrifice on a personal level, which made those leaders visions reality. Progress always has opposition and always requires sacrifice, it is these sacrifices that bring meaning to the accomplishments and make them something to celebrate. I look around and see a country that seems to have adopted the age old philosophy that if a bear is trying to eat you, your best bet is to outrun the other guy. We seem to take comfort in celebrating and pointing fingers at the misfortunes of those who are weaker, less fortunate, or damaged. We pretend we are a part or can become a part of the ruling class elite that is leaching liberty and wealth from us to serve their own purposes. We accept politicians and corporations selling us into oblivion with doublespeak, legalese and back room deals that make everyone in the room rich beyond belief but are destined to bankrupt our children that we purport to care so much about. It’s sickening and ultimately we are to blame for it, we are unwilling as a nation to do the right thing, we are unwilling at this point to make the necessary sacrifices to effect the changes that are so desperately needed. We would rather let someone else pay that bill (our children, grandchildren etc) but they shouldn’t complain, after all we left them the internet, iPods and 1000 cable channels to dull the pain of that coming past due notice. We are selling our children and our children’s children into a new age form of indentured servitude rather than making the sacrifices necessary to start fixing this mess our willful ignorance has created.


In this blog I will attempt to bring forth clear examples of how the corporate and financial sectors and their political parties also known as the Republican and Democrats have lead this country to the edge ruin. We will discuss how they use fear and disinformation to convince us we do not have a choice and that we somehow we need these idiots. I will argue that this country desperately needs multiple new parties to compete with and force meaningful change within the established power parties. It’s time to demand that our political parties and leaders stop using opposing viewpoints and philosophies on the smallest of issues as an excuse to do nothing. Get it done or get gone. I do not mean gone till the next election cycle when we vote out the latest do nothings and bring back the previous group who did nothing. I mean gone as in gone. It’s time for change. It will not come overnight and will not come until the American public exerts their power as voters. It’s high time the Democrats and Republicans realize that they are NOT entitled to lead this nation unless we say so. Why are we picking between the better of two evils/crooks just because they say we have to? It’s antiquated, corrupt and will ultimately lead to our downfall unless we make a change.


About Steve Ashley

Registered Nurse, father and avid blogger. I believe strongly in a society that values all human life. I believe in an America that works to provide a better life and better opportunities for all its citizens, not just the ones with power and wealth.
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2 Responses to Enough Is Enough

  1. seattle99 says:

    I would very much like to see you will write some more posts.

    • webrn1969 says:

      Thank you Seattle99. Appreciate the response and I expect to start putting out approx 2 to 3 posts a week starting in the next week or so. Look forward to your future responses

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